Floor plans

1PP On zero floor there are two rooms that include cellars for all the housing units. This is a 1,5m x 3,6m storage space for every housing unit. Left room serves for houses P,L, and Y, and the right room is for houses E, A, and O.

There is also a bike/stroller storage space accessible from the outside doors. The left back room serves as a storage space for the landlord.

1NP On the first floor housing units Y (left) and O (right) are situated.

The size of each housing unit is 46m².

2NP On the second floor housing units L (left) and A (right) are situated. 

The size of each housing unit is 46m².

3NP On the third floor, housing units P (left) and E (right) are situated. 

These housing units are larger ( 50 m²  ) with a different window setting and a bigger kitchen stand.